The Ex-Factor…Reasons why you haven’t let go but Should!

Just about everyone on planet Earth has been through a break-up! There's no escaping the heartache you feel when a relationship ends. Regardless of how long you two were together if you managed to make a meaningful connection with one another the s*** hurts. Your emotional state, the personal connection an attachment that you feel, … Continue reading The Ex-Factor…Reasons why you haven’t let go but Should!

How Being Prideful can Hinder You…

I know you're probably wondering how can being too Prideful be a disservice to You? Why is having a keen outlook on one's self and abilities wrong? How can it hinder you? What is really wrong with Loving Yourself and Celebrating Your Successes! Especially, when you're not referring to being "prideful" as having a very … Continue reading How Being Prideful can Hinder You…

There is Power in Words!

Have you ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Well that same phrase applies to the words that we feed ourselves rather there subconsciously thoughts or spoken words. Be mindful of the things that you tell yourself, because whether you believe it or not they hold Power! Recently I started my weight-loss Journey … Continue reading There is Power in Words!


Over the past couple of months I have noticed a major shift in my life. I have pushed myself beyond measures, totally rewired my mindset, grown tremendously in my faith as well as in the relationship with myself( I know who she is and I am growing in love with her everyday). To say I'm … Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF GRATITUDE

He Just Don’t Want To Commit!

I'm sure we have all been in a situationship or two LOL; where we ignored the obvious signs. Somehow we talked ourselves into a fake reality believing that eventually they will come around. We convinced ourselves that they must feel the same way we do and left absolutely no room for any doubt. So we … Continue reading He Just Don’t Want To Commit!

Gift Tip of the week: Let’s get Naked!

Look into the mirror in strip away the facade, enhancements, and the outer shell. You know the representative that you present to the world. Wipe away the Flawless makeup application, on fleek eyebrows, and false lashes. Do away with the butt lifters, waist trainers, and body shapers; also any other products you use to boost … Continue reading Gift Tip of the week: Let’s get Naked!

Finding Balance in ( Relationships, Money, & Self)

Have you ever felt like there simply wasn't enough time in the day or wish that you could borrow time from the next day. I know I have on multiple occasions. With me being a single parent and trying to balance everything that goes along with that such as spending quality time, school, school work, … Continue reading Finding Balance in ( Relationships, Money, & Self)


I used to believe that once you lost the personal connection and the attachment to that person that all of the steps were complete, however I believe that's the furthest thing from the truth; because although you have completed the "Letting Go" part you have not finished the last and final step which is to … Continue reading THE LETTING GO PROCESS