Positive Vs Negative Thinking

Who all struggles with Negative thinking?🙋‍♀️ The answer to that question is everyone, because we are all human. However, if you struggle with persistent negative thinking that isn't the direct result of what someone has did or said to you that is based in fact and not emotion, or if you can never seem to … Continue reading Positive Vs Negative Thinking

Step out of your Comfort ZONE!

Everyone is afraid of something its only fair because its human nature! However, when we let the unknown and unfamiliarities of life hinder us from pursuing better, because we are scared that's a problem! Let me just be the first to say yes you might suck total shit at it! You might fail, it might … Continue reading Step out of your Comfort ZONE!

I'm seeing alot of commentary about this Surviving R .Kelly Docu and it's sad that it has taken this long to have an open dialogue about these issues that are very prevalent in today's society, however I am happy that it has sparked interest and conversations. Regardless of what your opinions are about him on … Continue reading

Q&A Time!!!

This week I decided to do something different! I am opening a Q&A segment on Blank Canvas Diaries that will be disclosed on Thursday 11/29/18...so any question that you want to ask feel free! I have been open, honest, and transparent about my issues and experiences and how I have overcome them so please don't … Continue reading Q&A Time!!!

Unpacking Your Shit ( Part 2)

As I mentioned earlier in part 1 of unpacking your s***; when it comes to you taking accountability for the role you played in the dysfunction of your own life: it can be hard to address, because it reveals the truth and the underlying pain. Being Honest with yourself and answeyring the how and whys … Continue reading Unpacking Your Shit ( Part 2)

Unpacking Your Shit (Part 1)

One of my favorite songs by The Incredible Erykah Badu is "Bag Lady"! I especially love the lyrics "bag lady you gone miss your bus draggin all those bags like that, I guess nobody ever told you all you must hold onto is you" to this day that song resonates with so many women; however … Continue reading Unpacking Your Shit (Part 1)

Blast From The Past…Prideful Nature

Since today is Thursday I decided to share apart of my life that was a very trying and difficult time. Needless to say Although, I'm no longer this person and are not going through these hardships; my experience can still be impactful and used to help others. Story time#Imagine being Single 6months with a high … Continue reading Blast From The Past…Prideful Nature

Nature Zone

It's something magical and therapeutic  about how Nature's Beauty can make even the heaviest problems disappear. Rather it's the Sound of birds chirping, catching a breeze as the wind whistles through the trees, or the sweet and mesmerizing sound that the Creek makes as  water trinkles down below the Stream. I recently took a daycation … Continue reading Nature Zone

Pt 2 Power and Purpose!

Looking for purpose! This is something that has been on my mind for years. I use to believe that it was tied to your profession like for instance to be a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. For years, I was in search for it! I just really wanted to know what was my purpose and why … Continue reading Pt 2 Power and Purpose!

Why Your Testimony Is Important!(Power & Purpose Part 1)

There was a strong inkling or feeling in the pit of my stomach urging me to attend church this past weekend. I can admit that I have missed a few services, and as of lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and under pressure. So I definitely could've used some reassurance and spiritual guidance! Usually … Continue reading Why Your Testimony Is Important!(Power & Purpose Part 1)