Step out of your Comfort ZONE!

Everyone is afraid of something its only fair because its human nature! However, when we let the unknown and unfamiliarities of life hinder us from pursuing better, because we are scared that’s a problem!

Let me just be the first to say yes you might suck total shit at it! You might fail, it might be discouraging, you may be confused, you may lack support, you may even lack resources, however WHAT IF YOU SUCCEED!

What if the endeavors you’ve been wanting to pursue actually works out🤔🤔🤔? What if that thing that you’ve been running away from actually strikes gold? What if it fulfills you? I mean it literally brings you Joy and a sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION! What if it reigns Prosperous!

Wouldn’t you want to do it? We oftentimes discover who and exactly what we are made of through trail and error, disappointment, and yes failure; because that’s where our biggest lessons come from!

I encourage you today to let go of FEAR and break out of that mental jail and step out on faith and be Bold and Aggressive! Although, You may hit some bumpy roads along the way. I guarantee you that you will FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE!

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