Unpacking Your Shit ( Part 2)

As I mentioned earlier in part 1 of unpacking your s***; when it comes to you taking accountability for the role you played in the dysfunction of your own life: it can be hard to address, because it reveals the truth and the underlying pain.

Being Honest with yourself and answeyring the how and whys is not easy, but doing so will allow you to see the reason behind the choices that you made. Even though the truth maybe painful to accept it offers you clarity.


A perfect example of this would be a person taking the time to analyze their reasons for staying in a relationship that was unfitting. Deciphering threw their decisions to stay in a relationship that was dysfunctional and toxic definitely deserves some UNPACKING! Please note that when I say taking the time to analyze your decision to stay; I’m not necessarily referring to people who may be in some sort of domestic violence relationship. BECAUSE, I do understand that those are not the easiest to leave. In most cases there is a viable threat to your life; which forces you to stay until you are able to make a more strategic departure.

For me personally, it was me coming to the realization that alot of my choices made regarding relationships with men in particular, were fueled by my deeply rooted insecurities. I Allowed certain things to happen in the course of the relationship, because I was insecure, but mostly because I was trying to seek validation to help Soothe the insecurities that I was feeling. Once I accepted this truth it was easy for me to fix what was broken Within Me.


Unpacking my shit has help me with making better decisions. The next time that I decide to get into a relationship with someone it will be for the right reasons, but most importantly I will stay for the right reasons. Sense I know my worth and value I don’t need the validation from someone else, I can stand on my own two feet and know that I’ll be okay so that means I have learned to cut my losses, especially when it’s not in the best interest of me.

Unpacking your s*** doesn’t necessarily have to come from the transgressions of other people, or the affects that it caused on your life; nor from your own internal feelings that may have caused you pain. Unpacking your s*** is being honest enough to admit that you hurt in this area and making a sound decision to not only uncover why, but remove it from your life.

Understand that no matter how you try to camouflage the baggage that you carry it will eventually overpower you! Remember that holding on to things causes more damage than letting go and bottling and suppressing things isn’t any better.

In closing, I want to leave you with this metaphor. Imagine holding your breath underwater, and you’re slowly beginning to run out of air. At first this may feel uncomfortable, but you’re able to manage. Eventually water will seep into your mouth or your nose if you do not come up for air! Now, I want you to think of the baggage that you carry as water ( depression, anxiety, anxiousness, jealousy, insecurities resent, pain, loneliness, spitefulness, fear, and angriness) although, this baggage seems manageable once you run out of air it can be deadly. Unpack your baggage so you can exhale and release! ✌&💗😘

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