Blast From The Past…Prideful Nature

Since today is Thursday I decided to share apart of my life that was a very trying and difficult time. Needless to say Although, I’m no longer this person and are not going through these hardships; my experience can still be impactful and used to help others.

Story time#Imagine being Single 6months with a high risk pregnancy. Your mind consumed with worries of health problems stemming from physical deformities to genetic disorders undergoing countless medical visits and procedures to keep you and Baby “healthy”.Then being forced to take a leave of absence from your job to be put on bed rest; completely depleted your saving and your too damn PRIDEFUL TO ASK FOR HELP SO YOU GO TO BED AT NIGHT HUNGRY, meanwhile life still goes on so know you have a baby on the way, countless bills, rent, and car note. No Job, No Income and All out of Options! I Said All of that to say this I know people don’t like to announce their troubles, but if you in a tough spot Speak Up and Say Something! I HAD TO LEARN TO THE HARD WAY…YOU DO NOT! PUT YOUR PRIDE TO THE SIDE# SOMEONE WILL BE WILLING TO HELP YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!#PRIDEFULNATURE

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