Nature Zone

It’s something magical and therapeutic  about how Nature’s Beauty can make even the heaviest problems disappear. Rather it’s the Sound of birds chirping, catching a breeze as the wind whistles through the trees, or the sweet and mesmerizing sound that the Creek makes as  water trinkles down below the Stream.

I recently took a daycation with my crew to the Cummins State Park which is a National Nature Park in the heart of Cookeville,Tn. The lengthy and rugged hike was exactly what I need to clear my mind and get clarity, but also gain a deep sense of appreciation for the present.

When we finnally reached the falls it only one word that could describe it, it was simply mystical! It was beyond my expectations, it was everything I thought it would be and more; the word beautiful would be an understatement!

In closing, I would just like to encourage you to find your escape it may just be in your backyard. Get out and explore your hometown or city! Whether it’s a walk through the park, a bike ride on a trail, a visit to a botanical garden, or perhaps a National Park; Be one with the Elements, it my just surprise you! Life is all about simple pleasures because beauty is all around us!

Below are a few pics!

My God Daughter enjoying the earth Pool!
Cummins State Park …Earth Pool where on lookers could also take a dip to cool off!


My Daughter and I feeling Accomplished…We finally reached the top!
Onlookers enjoying the falls!




Selfie time





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