Why Your Testimony Is Important!(Power & Purpose Part 1)

There was a strong inkling or feeling in the pit of my stomach urging me to attend church this past weekend. I can admit that I have missed a few services, and as of lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and under pressure. So I definitely could’ve used some reassurance and spiritual guidance! Usually when I get these types of feelings, it’s spot on! My spirit is internally feed and afterwards i feel rejuvenated and a sense of relief and comfort from the “word”/ message that I receive; so I knew that this wasn’t a feeling that i should disregard.

When I got to church, something that the pastor said struck a chord with me. He was giving a sermon on Power and Purpose! Ironically this is something that I have been baffling with, As I too try to make sense of my life as I connect the dots in my search for Purpose!

He said that your Power and Purpose are undeniably intertwined with Fellowship, Servicing, and Camaraderie; and that God did not make you over just to be put onto a pedestal to be glorified! Although, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve heard this I couldn’t help but to be affected by it; Because I knew it was true!

When he finish that statement I knew why I had a deep sense of urgency to attend church in part it was so that I can write this blog, but also to continue to do God’s work! One of the biggest revelations that I took away from this particular sermon was about actually being ACTIVE and Involved and how your Purpose is not just about you! You can not do God’s work without Connecting and that for you may mean sharing apart of your life and testimony.

I know for some people sharing their testimonies is hard. Once they have reached a pivotal moment or stature in their lives they don’t necessarily like to re-live the past or speak about all of the challenges that they have overcome. Other people simply don’t do it out if shame or fear of being ridiculed by other people’s judgement.

However, I’m here to tell you different! Although sharing your testimony can be vulnerable it is simply one of the most selfless and impactful acts you can do. By sharing your truth you will be undeniably helping someone else who may be in a similar situation as you too have faced. Sharing your testimony is not only amazing because it’s Encouraging, Uplifting, and Motivational; it also gives the receiver hope, comfort, and reassurance that they too can overcome any obstacles that they may be facing!

In closing, I would like to say don’t be afraid to share apart of yourself and speak your truth! Remember that you were delivered for a Reason. Remember that your Testimony has Purpose! Your testimony could be the one thing that starts a domino affect of deliverance, healing and growth! (Stay tuned for Part 2 as we go more in-depth into Power & Purpose!) PEACE&BLESSING 💜✌

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