How Being Prideful can Hinder You…

I know you’re probably wondering how can being too Prideful be a disservice to You? Why is having a keen outlook on one’s self and abilities wrong? How can it hinder you? What is really wrong with Loving Yourself and Celebrating Your Successes! Especially, when you’re not referring to being “prideful” as having a very disdainful aptitude and perspective; or one who acts snobbish and feels Superior to others; nor are you referring to being prideful in a Professional sense, but one that is solemnly based off of everyday life experiences.

Until recently I can admit I was a verrrryyyy PRIDEFUL PERSON who found absolutely nothing wrong with it: until I had an epiphany! One of the problems that I realized was that I am a prideful person instead of someone who was simply PROUD, believe me there is a difference!

Being Prideful has not only hindered me, but also crippled my growth in so many ways, but not any more. As I identify them below I’m sure you will relate to some.

Growing up, I learned Independence rather early. I got to see first hand on how cruel and disappointing life could be so I learned how to take care of myself in all aspects of my life, but also how to navigate through this world. I was taught two lessons earlier on in life. The first being is if you want something done correctly, than you better learn how to do it yourself! Secondly, no matter whatever the circumstance keep pressing and don’t let it affect you. “Keep your head up”! Those two life lessons combined with the fact that I’m naturally a person that love learning and challenging myself; along side my introverted ways would make me the idea candidate for some who doesn’t ask for help! My friends that is where the first problem lies.

Because I am someone who is self-sufficient and have problems with dependency asking for help is like pulling teeth for Me! I am here to tell you that You are too Prideful when you do not ask for help when you need it! Although, you may know how to do something; it does not mean that you have to do it alone. Secondly, asking for help does not constitute a form of weakness! I have so many experiences where I was drowning and barely staying afloat, because I was to ashamed and prideful to ask for help. It literally went against the grain of what I knew. I could have simply reached out to friends or family for support, but because of my pride I didn’t and as a result I suffered or encounterd a misfortune longer than I had to.

You may not believe it, but having control issues is a form of being to Prideful! If you are a person that has to have your hand in every pot, than you better take inventory to see if you suffer from being to Prideful! The truth of the matter is that you do not know everything so there for you shouldn’t control everything! If you are a person who doesn’t bend or adjust to change well, that is a problem! Flexibility is key. Remember there is always more than one way to do something. So everything doesn’t have to be done to your liking!

Others ways that you may have not thought about your pride crippling you was in respects to being lonely and feeling isolated from the magnitude of carrying a significant amount of weight on your shoulders. I get it! In the past I would rather do it myself, because it eliminates disappointment or failure! The Reality is this all that does is creates a false pretense. The perception of you becomes misconstrued! People began to think your “bad ass”, but in actuality your tired and drained. The truth of the matter is your a PRIDEFUL PERSON if you are someone who is guarded. Having your walls up is a tale tell sign; because it hides the “ugly truth” and it’s honestly a defense mechanism from allowing others to see the truth. Realize that you don’t have to be strong all the time!

The most profound way I REALIZED that my Prideful ways was hindering me was in respect to my overall Growth! Since It’s not easy for me to ask for help, that left me stuck. Which meant that I was missing out on new opportunities! If you are an observant person then you would have noticed that the common denominator and sign of a PRIDEFUL person is the failure of asking for help when its needed! The key to overcoming some of your prideful self harmful behaviors is to simply start asking for HELP!

Asking for help is one of the most vulnerable, but yet courageous thing that you can do; however it’s also the most rewarding! Changing my point of view on asking for help has helped me tremendously! I now believe and know the that there are millions of people who are willing to help! I know that I cannot continue to grow, excel, and Elevate without the help of others! Although I may know how to do something, I guarantee there is someone else who knows how to do it 10 times better! Since I have adopted A New Perspective on asking for help AKA “inviting people in” I have grown drastically in my personal life, but especially in my business. Adopting a new attitude has open the door to new opportunities, collaborations, and overall Peace. I now feel a sense of calmness and Inter-Centerness; because the stress is not solemnly on my shoulders anymore! Because I am conscious of how being prideful has hindered my day to day living and I decided to make the necessary adjustments in my life things are much better now!

I hope that this short and sweet testament shines a light and is used as a wake up call for someone who may be experiencing the same problems as I have with Pride. More importantly, I hope that you learn to make the necessary adjustments to not only overcome your self limiting behaviors ,but to deal with your Pride in a more healthier and efficient Manor! Peace and love❇

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