Over the past couple of months I have noticed a major shift in my life. I have pushed myself beyond measures, totally rewired my mindset, grown tremendously in my faith as well as in the relationship with myself( I know who she is and I am growing in love with her everyday). To say I’m excited about the way the current has changed would be an understatement! I’ve always been a person that was very responsible, calculated, and cautious so I wasn’t lacking in that department, however now I’m more Focused than I have ever been in the area of securing my future! I’m more driven on achieving my goals and I now have a renewed sense of what it requires to obtain those goals. I no longer allow my circumstance to deter me from achieving anything that I want to do. I actively pursue it in spite of, but you see that my friends is a catch 22 because that is where the problem lies.

It had dawned on me that I had the nerve to be ungrateful after all the grace that God had shined down on me! I found myself not enjoying the process because I became more Focused on chasing “more” and because I wasn’t seeing the RIGHT NOW RESULTS that hindered my vision from seeing or appreciating all of the strides that I have made. Honestly It’s as if the idea of Success started to fuel me in a negative way creating GREED. I asked myself how can he bless me with more if I don’t show appreciation for all that I do Have!

It is so easy to get off course living in today’s society where at the tip of your fingers you can vicariously live someone else’s life! Literally all you have to do is get on your phone and you will be flooded with images of realistic and fake realities! So It’s only Natural for you to wonder Why them? What are you doing different? Or perhaps When is your big break is coming? Not taking the time to appreciate the process is a huge disservice to yourself and all of the hard work that you have put in! Fully Embrace it! It’s apart of your Journey for a reason because when you do begin to harvest the fruit of your labor it will be even more so sweeter!

Present day, even though I don’t live a luxurious lifestyle and I’m not able to jet off into the sunset at any given moment I am abundantly blessed! I live a comfortable life. I have a stable job where I am valued as an asset, dependable car, I live in a nice neighborhood, my daughter and I are taken care of but most importantly I don’ have any cash flow problems! I have amazing family and friends who support me and also support the moves that I am making! I am happy for all of the lives I have changed both seen and unseen by the honest, realness, and transparency of my life through my blogs; there’s honestly more greatness to come.

Enclosing I would like to leave you with this don’t be so focused on what’s next to come that you miss the beauty in the Present! BE THANKFUL FOR WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU HAVE! By all means be actively pursuing whatever it is that you want to accomplish! Let nothing stop you! Through Focus, Deterimation, Effort, and Consistent you will most definitely achieve it; however in the midst of your journey; I want you to promise yourself that you will be thankful but even more so show Gratitude every step of the way!


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