Gift Tip of the week: Let’s get Naked!

Look into the mirror in strip away the facade, enhancements, and the outer shell. You know the representative that you present to the world. Wipe away the Flawless makeup application, on fleek eyebrows, and false lashes. Do away with the butt lifters, waist trainers, and body shapers; also any other products you use to boost or modify your appearance! Do you see her yet? Is she comfortable? Is she’s vulnerable? Is she smiling back at you? Does she know that you love her (the real her)? Realize that true beauty comes from within and projects outwardly! From this moment forward  I want you to love her with as much conviction, effort, and energy you put into CHANGING HER! Truly see her for who she is and Embrace her past her Faults, Flaws, and Pain. Remember to always Uplift, Encourage, and Be Kind to Her.#Self Love❤






5 thoughts on “Gift Tip of the week: Let’s get Naked!

  1. I love it! Great message we need to be reminded of this because the media portrays perfection so we caught up in trying to perfect ourselves


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