Declutter Our Lives

You may be wondering Why I posted a pic of this shower curtain well it’s a back story to it. I’ve had this same shower curtain for over 10 yrs. Yes, I know 10 yrs. This curtain has been with me for over a decade; my cousin Shericka who is no longer with us brought me this bathroom set when I got my first apt…but now it’s time to say Goodbye!

In the process of Growth there comes a time when LETTING GO IS NEEDED. We’re all familiar with the phrase Everybody can’t go with you; this is sometimes easy to identify because we all know who need’s to be removed from our lives, but me must realized that EVERYTHING CAN’T STAY WITH US is as equally important.

We have to declutter our lives it is essential! Making small adjustments here and there isn’t enough you need to dive FULL FORCE. Sometimes we hold on to things that are seamlessly harmless, however if it doesn’t have a purpose anymore it’s time to let it go. Other thing that we hold on to are THINGS THAT HAVE SYMBOLIC MEANING! We trick ourselves into believing that these things have such a divine meaning/power or if we let go of it that we’ll somehow lose that connection to whatever the SYMBOLIC MEANING is behind it which isn’t true.#Let Go To Free Yourself#Let Go To Breathe Life To New Thingsđź’ž

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