First Day To A New Life!

Hello Everyone, this post isn’t necessarily about any particular topic. I just wanted give you an update on something that is very important to me. Today, is the first day of a new life for me, because today I am finally going to take the first step to correcting one of my biggest insecurities! For years I was insecure about my teeth, as a little girl I didn’t like them because they were big and buck it kind of reminded me of Bugs Bunny😆. I just really hated them. Over the years, I didn’t realize how deeply affected I still was; because it wasn’t something that I thought about regularly or affected my self-esteem  severely. I had adapted a new way of hiding them through my behavior which was appeasing me, but also keeping my insecurities at bay. In pictures for years i wouldn’t smile showing my teeth or i would do one sided angle shots; this had become the norm for me. Little girls are very observant of their mother’s and they oftentime want to emulates whatever they see so It wasn’t until my daughter ask me roughly 2 years ago: Mommy why you don’t show your teeth when you smile! Until then I hadn’t really thought about it anymore to be honest; so her question baffled me. After taking some time to think about it I was like WOW! I don’t smile with my teeth showing. So I made up my mind to start changing that; because my daughter was watching, but more importantly it was time to start chipping away at that insecurity. Over these last two years it hasn’t been the easiest to deal with, but I have managed to embrace it. I started to show my teeth more often in pictures and stop covering my mouth whenever I would laugh or smile around company. The more and more I started to change my behavior; I noticed that my confidence started to grow. Which was awesome!!! Today, even though I am much better than I have been in recent years, I know that I’ll never get over this insecurity entirely until I make the necessary adjustments that I feel that I need. So wish me luck guys.✌& Happiness!

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