About Me

Hello and welcome to Blank Canvas Diaries! My name is Ellise Williams. I created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing my story as I embark on a New Journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Healing, and Growth. Ultimately, I hope to enlighten, uplift, and encouraged people from all different walks of life.

What you can expect from this blog? This is my spin on a Lifestyle Blog, however you’re going to get gut wrenching  honesty and personal testimony. I’ll be covering various topics from Self-Awareness, Relationships, Friends & Family Dynamics, Dating, and etc. I’m a single mother to a very vivacious 8 year old daughter name Kaliyah; so occasionally you may see pictures and videos of the different activities we’re involved in. I’m a huge DIY advocate so be sure to check out the various projects I’m working on. Lastly I’m a huge lover of music and laughter so you’ll definitely see pictures and videos of my favorite artists and comedians I’ve checked out.

Getting personal with Ellise. I’m 30 yrs young; born and raised in the heart of Music City, Nashville Tennessee. For the majority of my childhood and adolescent years, I lived in Public Housing which was generally highly populated & impoverished. As you could imagine growing up in that type of environment with or without guidance causes you to do one of several things; for me taught me how to survive, but yet it desensitized me in a sense. I’ve been exposed whether directly or indirectly to everything from assault, gun- violence, drugs, and yes even murder. At the age of 7, my father died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound stemming from a domestic violence matter between him and my mother.

Although, I’ve experienced a lot of variables in my life; I’ve always tried to see the bright side of things. I’m a firm believer that regardless of your background or any disadvantages that life may have thrown your way you still have the power to overcome those obstacles and barriers and yes start fresh. It’s solemnly depends on your mindset and perspective to be willing to look at things in a different light, because in doing so it changes a shift in your psyche and ultimately your behavior. You also need to have the desire and determination, willingness, and drive to put forward a continuous effort to change your current circumstances.

Hence the name of the blog ” BLANK CANVAS DIARIES“. Start thinking of your life as a blank canvas, Paint the Colors you want. We are not our PAST we are our FUTURE! Everyday we are giving a chance to get this thing called “LIFE” right. I encourage you to live in your truth. Start becoming the person you want to be and start pursuing the life you want to live. Remember in life Nothing is a Loss, Everything is a Gain. Start using your Life Lessons to Paint yourself a Better Tomorrow!